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nfl-betting-cash (7K) When it comes to choosing the right sportsbook for betting on the NFL you must choose one that offers reduced juice lines, low rollover requirements, has mobile and live betting and offers a generous sign up bonus. Located offshore all the sportsbooks accept US players and have many ways to fund accounts including Mastercard for All our recommended sportsbooks offer these features and more including up to $3000, see, sign up bonus on your first deposit.

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sbgglobal $3000 30% Deposit x 3
betonline $1000 100% Deposit x 6
bodog $100 100% Deposit x 3
topbet $250 50% Deposit x 5
bet365 $200 100% Deposit x 2
titan $25 Bet $25 x 1
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NFL Football Betting News and Previews

NFL Superbowl - The Great Match
I have always been passionate about the game we American's call football. I was in second grade when the first Super Bowl took place. I can still recall the build up and the bragging..
NFL Playoffs - New York Giants versus the Green Bay Packers
The NFL playoffs are beginning, and one of most looked forward to matches is the New York Giants versus the Green Bay Packers on Sunday January 15th. The Packers have set a franchise..
NFL Superbowl XLV: The Pittsburgh Steelers ~ America's Team?
In 1978 the Dallas Cowboys were christened 'America's team' for an NFL highlights video. Both the Steelers and the Packers, who dispute Superbowl XLV on Dallas's turf on Sunday, have a valid claim to the title. Here's a look at..
NFL: Seahawks Dream Ends
Although any Seattle Seahawks fan who genuinely believed that their side was in with even the slightest shout of winning the Super Bowl has come firmly back down to earth with a big bump, fans of the franchise can at least enjoy..
NFL: Can Rex Ryan show he can be the number one Head Coach?
Bill Beilichick has been recognised as a man who is a legend in the making, and having already won three Super Bowls, he clearly knows exactly what it takes to get to the big game... and exactly what to do when you get there..
NFL: Rivera joins up with Panthers
There are some jobs in sport that seem more like poisoned chalices than positions to celebrate when new managers are appointed and one man who seems to have taken that point aboard is none other than new Carolina Panthers coach, Ron Rivera..
NFL: Saints must not ignore pitiful defeat against Seahawks
Although most NFL fans have been looking to hand the accolades to the Seahawks after their shock playoff win against the Saints at the weekend, with Seattle winning their clash against all the odds, some more shrewd fans have been picking apart the..
NFL: College players advised to stick in school as lockout looms
Although agents are advising their clients to enter the draft in order to avoid any rookie pay scale, college coaches are taking the sensible step of warning their players that, with the NFL likely to be in a lockout season, they would be far better..
NFL: Smith returns home still needing to prove himself
Alex Smith has certainly endured a difficult time during his NFL career, with most of it spent either being forced to fight off intense and stinging criticism regarding the way he has played, or needing to contend with the fact that he has been injured..
NFL: Redskins waive Hunter Smith, Favre might play Monday
Bret Favre may be down, but he may not be as ready to call it the season as some folks hope. Playoff hopes may have faded into the distance for the Vikings too, but that doesn't change the fact that the team needs Favre back on his quarterback duties. According to..
NFL: Super Bowl picture begins to develop
After week 14 of the NFL season the picture of potential Super Bowl champions is beginning to form as the play-off likelihood's begin to get clearer. To all NFL fans it looks like the New England Patriots are on course for a run to the Cowboys Stadium, but there are..
NFL: Alex Smith back in the 49ers starting lineup
Alex Smith, the San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback was benched on Oct 24th when he dislocated his non throwing shoulder in a game against the Carolina Panthers. Despite being medically cleared a few weeks ago, Smith failed to make it back into the starting lineup..
NFL: Bears dreaming of Arlington
A lot of this confidence can be put down to the terrific performances they have put in during the month of November. Before that they had lost two of three, but since have won four in a row and have been picked by many as tips to win in Arlington come February and the..
NFL: Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
The best way to gain an understanding of the upcoming match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets is to simply take a look at last season's two matchups between the teams concerned. First confrontation saw a 10-5 Bengals team start out as the favorite..
NFL: Baltimore Ravens v Carolina Panthers
As the NFL season rolls on, the picture of who's a contender and who is not becomes ever clearer. A lot of the preseason predictions are proven wrong, with some of the fringe teams popping up among the contenders, and with some of the likely contenders sinking right into..
NFL: Who is the Best in the NFC?
The NFC is home to the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. However, will they be able to return to this year's Super Bowl in Dallas, or will it be another team - maybe even the Cowboys playing for the title in their home stadium? There are several teams in the NFC..
NFL: Who's the Best Defensive Player in the NFL?
While offensive players, particularly offensive skill position players, get the most attention generally speaking, defense is just as important as offense in the NFL. As such, a great defensive player can still have a huge impact on a game. They could be a defensive end who racks up sacks..
Pittsburgh Steelers are the Choice for the XLV Super Bowl Bet
In 1978 the Dallas Cowboys were christened 'America's team' for an NFL highlights video. Both the Steelers and the Packers, who dispute Superbowl XLV on Dallas's turf on Sunday, have a valid claim to the title. Here's a look at why the Pittsburgh Steelers more than any other outfit deserve..
If The Glove Don't Fit You Must Acquit
If The Glove Don't Fit You Must Acquit! - O.J. Simpson arrested for armed robbery, will he be found innocent again? San Jose, Costa Rica, Sept. 17, 2007. O.J. Simpson is in legal hot water again, and this time you can bet on what the future holds for him..

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