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College players advised to stick in school as lockout looms

Although agents are advising their clients to enter the draft in order to avoid any rookie pay scale, college coaches are taking the sensible step of warning their players that, with the NFL likely to be in a lockout season, they would be far better off sticking around in college for another year.

It is clear to those looking at the super bowl betting odds that both sides have got a point here, but college juniors need to think about how best to ensure that they don't see their chances of playing top level football ruined by taking the plunge too early and ending up not being ready to play in the NFL, in the process sacrificing their chance of ever making the big money that they are dreaming of.

However, whilst both sides have arguments for which there are significant pros and cons, it seems clear that there is only one sensible course of action for college juniors. If the players end up staying in college for another season, then not only will they have more time to practice their skills in a league that is certain to be running, but they will also have the opportunity to finish their studies, which will give them more options should they fail to reach the grade in the NFL.

Despite this, the fact is that the worry of an NFL rookie pay-scale (similar to the one that is used in the NBA) being introduced is causing players to panic and fret that they are not going to be able to earn a lucrative deal when they are drafted.

With money likely to triumph over sense, as with so many professions, those looking at super bowl betting tips believe that the future may not be so bright for those college players who are about to enter the 2011 NFL draft.

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