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Can Rex Ryan show he can be the number one Head Coach?

Rex Ryan the No.1 Coach?

Bill Beilichick has been recognised as a man who is a legend in the making, and having already won three Super Bowls, he clearly knows exactly what it takes to get to the big game... and exactly what to do when you get there.

However, the New England Patriots coach also knows what it takes to get the job done during the divisional, and the championship level games, something that he will hope is a deciding factor as he faces the man who has gradually become his arch rival, Rex Ryan.

With Ryan suggesting that this tie is a personal matter, he has almost risked his professional career and reputation by saying that he is meeting a coach who is better than him but whom he feels confident he can beat anyway. Although many have interpreted this as a win/win comment that has been intended to take the pressure off a team with unpleasant memories about their last meeting with the Patriots, it may not be that clear-cut. The NFL betting certainly indicates things aren't straightforward.

Despite this, the fact remains that the Jets may well decide that, if they don't have the best in the game, why should they settle for a man who already accepts he is second best? After all, this is a position that the Jets and their manager have already had to settle for in the AFC East this season, and you know exactly who beat them to the number one position.

Even though this may seem extreme, Ryan is a man who is nothing if not unpredictable, suggesting that if the Jets do fail, he may well decide that he is no longer happy just being second best.

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