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Seattle Seahawks NFL Super Bowl Dream Ends

Seahawks NFL Superbowl Dream ends

Although any Seattle Seahawks fan who genuinely believed that their side was in with even the slightest shout of winning the Super Bowl has come firmly back down to earth with a big bump, fans of the franchise can at least enjoy the fact that they have enjoyed a far more successful play-off run than any NFL pundit or expert initially expected. After all, the Super Bowl 2011 betting odds didn't suggest they'd go nearly so far.

With the Seahawks clearly no match for the rampant Chicago Bears last night, they will now have to go back to the drawing board if they are to plan successfully for taking the team to the next level next season (provided of course that there is to be a season next year, rather than a lockout). One thing is for sure, however, and that's the fact that any rebuilding they conduct will need to take into account the process of putting faith in a new quarterback.

Despite Matt Hasselbeck displaying a decent performance during the play-offs, the fact remains that he is clearly a man heading towards the twilight of his career and not a player whom a Seahawks offensive coordinator is going to be able to base their draft picks and playbook around.

However, with the Seahawks man clearly keen to continue his career, the question may switch to focus upon how they can get rid of Hasselbeck in a manner that leaves both parties happy, with Seahawks coaches no doubt keen to point to the fact that Hasselbeck only really started performing well against the Bears during garbage time when the tie was already well and truly over. If the Super Bowl predictions for next year are to include the Seahawks as potential winners they'll need to take action.

With the NFL in a state of turmoil right now due to a failure to agree a new collective bargaining agreement, Hasselbeck may find that a lockout season determines his fate for him.

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